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SKU: CD4968772
UPC: 650240028151

Genomma Natural Lightening Shampoo 14 oz

Natural Lightening Shampoo
Specially Formulated
Cleanses, Nourishes & Strengthens Hair
Promotes Soft & Manageable Hair
Specially formulated with moisturizers, conditioners, Royal Jelly and botanical extracts (Tomato, Jojoba, Aloe vera, Ginseng, Rosemary and Wheat). Cleanses, nourishes and strengthens hair. Leaves hair looking healthy, soft and manageable.
Especialmente formulado con humectantes, acondicionadores, jalea real y extractos botanicos (tomate, jojoba, aloe vera, ginseng, romero y trigo). Limpia, nutre y fortalece el cabello. Deja el cabello con aspecto saludable, suave y manejable.

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