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SKU: CD5108220
UPC: 334362000041

Fresh 'N Brite Denture Cleaning Paste 3.80 oz

HeadingThe cleaning power of a paste and the freshening power of a gel.
PurposeDenture Cleaning
ManufacturerRevive Prsnl
DirectionsFor best results use twice daily (morning and night) or after meals. Remove dentures. Rinse with warm water prior to brushing. Apply Fresh 'n Brite to denture brush or toothbrush. Hold denture firmly and brush all surfaces well. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Clean dentures over a sink containing water to avoid damage if dropped. Squeeze tube from bottom. Keep capped when stored to avoid drying or clogging. See your dentist regularly. Store at 59 to 77 degrees F.
UsesCombines the cleaning power of a paste with the mouth-freshening power of a minty gel. Removes denture stains caused by coffee, tea, wine and tobacco. 2 layers for freshness and brightness.

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