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FLA Soft Form Hernia Support Belt, Small

It's been proven that the Soft Form Hernia Belt provides great relief from reducible inguinal hernias! The hook and loop closures ensure that this hernia belt is easy to put on. There are no uncomfortable metal buckles on this belt, just easy-to-use adjustable straps.

The Soft Form Hernia Belt provides gentle relief from reducible inguinal hernias. Designed using the latest materials for the maximum level of support and comfort. Provides constant, comfortable and adjustable pressure to the hernia.

Constructed of lightweight material and a plush elastic waistband, this hernia belt is completely adjustable without the use of uncomfortable metal snaps or buckles. A simple hook and loop closure allows you to control how tight the hernia belt fits, making it the most adjustable hernia belt available. Adjustable leg straps are made of soft elastic. Two removable foam compression cushions give gentle, gradual pressure to reduce inguinal hernias. Either cushion can be removed to support a single hernia.

The Soft Form Hernia Belt comes in a neutral beige color which can be worn inconspicuously under most clothing.
Soft Form Hernia Belt Features:

Two removable foam compression cushions provide gradual pressure and support to weakened muscles
Patented design with simple adjustable closures
Easy to apply and wear, no buckles or snaps
Hides well under clothing

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