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SKU: C2868461
UPC: 025715671659

Ezy Dose 7-Day 4 Times-A-Day One-Day-at-a-Time Pill Organzr Lrg- 1 ea

Removable trays!
- Seven daily pill reminders -a ll conveniently removable!
- Four doses per day with individual flip-top lids.
- Incredible versatile-home system and portable reminders.

Daily pillbox "pops" out for easy carrying!
Each compartment holds 36 aspirin tablets
Dimensions: 10" L x 5 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D

Compartments: 28 compartments labeling 7 days.
Each compartment is approx. 1 1/8" Length x 1 1/8" Width x 1 1/8" Deep
Each compartment holds approx. 26 aspirin tablets.

Product Features:
. Contains 7 individual 1-Day Pill Reminders in one tray.
. Portable! Each day can be taken out from the tray to take with you.
. Each 1-Day Pill Reminder has 4 compartments to cover all times of the day.
. The day of the week and the time of the day is printed on each compartment.
. Braille markings for the visually impaired.
. Fill a week's medication and take one day's medication with you.
. This is the largest version in its kind. Not the smaller version.

You will receive:
. One (1) Large Pillbox Tray (to hold together the individual pill remdiners)
. Seven (7) individual snap-out 1-Day Pill Reminders

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