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SKU: CD4117594
UPC: 300871453012

Enfamil A.R. Nursette 20 Calorie Ready To Use - case 8 x 6 x 2 oz

?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ Designed to flow smoothly and thicken slightly in baby's tummy, more balanced nutrition than adding rice cereal to formula
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ LIPIL, our blend of DHA and ARA to support baby's brain and eye development
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ Based on a clinical study of Enfamil Ar before the addition of Lipil with babies who spit up frequently (5 or more spit ups per day)
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ comparing frequency of spit up after feeding Enfamil Ar to the same babies at the beginning of the study
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