Duracell DA10B8ZM10 Easy Tab Hearing Aid Zinc Air Battery, 10 Size, 1.4V, 95 mAh Capacity - 8 count


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  • These long-lasting hearing aid batteries have 0% mercury
  • They are easy to take with you and with long tabs they are easy to use
  • Duracell is the No.1 trusted brand of doctors and pharmacists

Hear every moment with long-lasting power in Duracell Hearing Aid batteries with EasyTab. The EasyTab is extra-long, so its simple to handle and easy to replace and its lightweight packaging is easy to open. Duracell Hearing Aid batteries with EasyTab are color-coded, making it easy to find the size thats right for you. You get peace of mind knowing Duracell is the #1 recommended hearing aid battery by Pharmacy Times and is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use. Plus, Duracell Hearing Aid batteries have Duralock Power Preserve Technology, so theyll last up to 4 years in storage. Duracell Easy Tab Hearing AidView larger At a Glance Long-lasting, with 0% mercury Long tab for easy handling and replacement #1 recommended hearing aid battery by Pharmacy Times 4-year guarantee in storage Lightweight, easy-to-open packaging Color-coded by size Other Products to TryView larger Features & BenefitsView larger Long-Lasting

Take comfort in a long-lasting hearing aid battery with 0% mercury View larger Easy to Use

Duracell Hearing Aid batteries with EasyTab are the only batteries endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation for their superior ease of use View larger Longer Tabs

With the longest tab on the market, theyre simple to handle, replace and remove View larger Convenient Storage

They are the only brand that offers a convenient plastic storage case perfect for storing and carrying hearing aid batteries View larger Color-Coded

Duracell Hearing Aid batteries with EasyTab are color-coded yellow, orange, brown and blue, letting you easily find the size that is right for your device View larger Quality & Safety

Superior Duracell quality helps prevent hearing aid batteries from gassing and leaking. They are also designed to help ensure that leaking will not cause you physical harm or damage to any device FAQs What are some tips on how to care for hearing aid batteries? Keep batteries in their protective pack Store batteries at room temperaturenever in the refrigerator Dont remove the color-coded tab until youre ready to use the battery Dont carry batteries loose in your pocket or let them come in contact with metal objects Dont dispose of batteries in fire Dont try to recharge batteries When your hearing aid is not in use, open the door to the battery compartment. This minimizes battery drain and helps prevent moisture buildup How do I test hearing aid batteries?

The easiest way to test a hearing aid battery is to use a hearing aid tester. Testers are inexpensive accessories that you purchase from your hearing specialist. You also can purchase these devices from electronics stores.

If you do not have a tester and are not sure if your hearing aid battery has power, you could cup the device in your hand, slightly covering the microphone. If you hear the screech of the aid, the battery still has some power, though it might not have a full charge. What does remove tab to activate mean?

When you receive your hearing aid batteries, they each have a tab attached to them. You must remove the tab to activate the battery. How often do I need to change the batteries in my hearing aids?

How often you need to change your hearing aid batteries depends on three things. First, the power that is needed for your optimal hearing. Second, the size of the hearing aid battery (e.g., size 10 is smaller than a size 675 battery). And third, how often you use your hearing aid. But, generally speaking, you can expect to change your batteries every couple of weeks. Does turning off your hearing aid when youre not using it prolong its battery life? What is the average usage time in hours?

Turning off your hearing aid when youre not wearing it will certainly prolong the life of your battery. It is not possible to accurately predict how long a battery will last because there are so many variables. For example, the size of the hearing aid battery and the level of hearing loss one hasmild, moderate or profoundwill affect battery life. Your hea

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Duracell DA10B8ZM10 Easy Tab Hearing Aid Zinc Air Battery, 10 Size, 1.4V, 95 mAh Capacity - 8 count