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Dr. Teal's Mineral Soak Pink Himalayan - 48.0 oz

  • Pure epsom salt eases aches & soreness from muscle pains?ÿ
  • Mineral rich pink Himalayan salt to replenish & recharge
  • Bergamot & sweet orange essential oils help provide relief from stress

Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak combines pure epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP) with mineral rich pink Himalayan salt to revitalize tired, achy muscles and help replenish your body's minerals.

Made in USA


Exfoliate your skin: Mix a handful of Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak with a handful of your favorite body wash. Gently massage mixture onto skin to slough away dry patches, revealing a healthier-looking complexion. Once opened, use within 12 months. ?? PDC Brands
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