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Dirty Cleanse Volcanic Charcoal Lemon Juice Cleanse 16 Fluid oz

Dirty Cleanse Detox is a natural, Lemon Flavored Cleanse using the power of activated organic, volcanic charcoal and herbal extracts to help cleanse and detoxify. Activated charcoal has an amazing ability to absorb thousands of times its own volume in toxins and helps to rid them from organs and the digestive tract. It includes real lemon, organic ginger & dandelion root to aid the body's natural digestive process, helping to balance fats and excess fluids. For best results, when cleansing, limit all animal proteins, fats, sugars and processed foods. ’??ƒ?§ Activated charcoal, also called activated carbon is a fine, black powder made from coal, wood, coconut shells or other natural materials ’??ƒ?§ It becomes "activated charcoal" by heating them in an airless environment with acid and steam. ’??ƒ?§ These fine particles helps increase the overall surface area and the capacity to absorb ’??ƒ?§ Activated charcoal attaches to a variety of particles, drugs and toxins that bind to it. This helps rid the body of unwanted substances from the digestive tract. ’??ƒ?§ Activated charcoal is not absorbed into the body, so it carries adsorbed substances out of the body in bile.

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