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SKU: CD5228531
UPC: 010331000273

Dickinson's Deep Cleansing Astringent 16 oz

Dissolves Oil - Clears Pores. Penetrates deep into pores with cooling Menthol and Eucalyptus to extract hard to remove dirt, oil and make-up. Dickinson's Enhanced Witch Hazel Deep Cleansing Astringent invigorates skin as it dissolves buildup, leaving skin beautifully clear and healthy looking everyday -with no sticky residue.Invigorates skin as it dissolves hard to remove dirt, oil, make-up and impurities leaving behind no sticky residuePowered by the extraordinary cleansing power of All Natural Witch HazelRefreshing scentNo soaps, dyes, parabens or sulfatesOphthalmologist & Dermatologist TestedIngredientsACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Natural Witch Hazel (Containing Natural Grain Alcohol 14% and Witch Hazel Extract); Alcohol Denat. (14%); Polysorbate 20; Fragrance; Eucalyptol; Menthol; Camphor

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