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SKU: C4767992
UPC: 714196174048

Dermacerin Moisture Therapy Cream 3.5 oz Tube

DermaCerin latex free moisturizing cream for moisture therapy is a highly effective moisturizing cream which is usually applied on Geriatric Patients and Children in Hospitals or Nursing Homes. This product is recommended as a cost effective treatment for dry and sensitive skin.

ƒ?› Moisturizes without skin irritation.
ƒ?› Provides dry skin with the added moisturization that it needs.
ƒ?› This skin care product is 100% fragrance free.
ƒ?› It is ideal for everyday use with dry and flaky skin.

ƒ?› 100% Fragrance Free.
ƒ?› Highly effective for dry, flaky skin.
ƒ?› Safe for dry, sensitive skin.
ƒ?› Provides moisturization without irritation.
ƒ?› Ideal for everyday dry skin.
ƒ?› Provides skin with added moisturization.

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