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ctry Farms Super Greens Drink Mix Apple Banana 10.6 oz

With our hectic, fast-paced lifestyles pulling us in a million different directions at once, it can be hard to find the time to eat as nutritiously as we'd like. As America's No. 1 Greens Product, Country Farms Super Greens Organic Drink Mix in delicious natural Apple Banana flavor proves that healthy living can still be simple. Super Greens is an organic, nutrient-packed powder blend of high quality natural greens, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and superfoods to deliver essential nutritional elements for your body's health and well-being. It also includes beneficial probiotics and prebiotic fiber to aid digestion. Just stir a scoop of Super Greens powder into 8 ounces of water for a convenient way to enjoy a whopping 50 superfood concentrates in one delicious natural Banana Apple flavored supplement drink* The secret to Country Farms Super Greens is our advanced processing procedure for the fruits and vegetables we source from the finest farms. This process optimizes the powerful effect of harvesting organic produce at the peak of ripeness and nutritional content to preserve freshness for up to three years. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or simply someone on-the-go who wants the advantages of real, organic whole foods and dairy-free probiotics, our delicious natural Apple Banana flavored Super Greens powder drink mix offers wholesome farm-to-table nutrition and unmatched convenience*

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