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SKU: CD5432091
UPC: 086449554755

Crystal 522475 2.5 oz Solid Stick Vanilla Jasmine Body Spray - 6 per Case

Touching yet simple... Reflecting all the colors of the Earth. Envied by the Sky, adored by the Sun...Crystal is a combination of drops of light from Heaven where beauty finds its meaning in purity. It offers a striking harmony of colors and light, creates amazement by its brilliant reflections and displays the colors of joy to crystal lovers. The moulds, machinery and relevant high technology are used to create the harmony of love, crystal and craftsmanship. All pieces are carefully hand-finished and quality controlled by our experienced craftsmen. Since 1951, Crystal Florida offers the beauty of life reflected by the glimmering light of crystal and caught by the human eye which appreciates and reflects on its beauty. After hard work and experience of more than 50 years, we are now exporting to 23 countries; mainly to the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia . FeaturesCombines our natural mineral salts with the aromas of sensuous vanilla and sweet jasmine the hygienic bottle design allows use by more than one person while the power of natural mineral salts eliminate odor all day long

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