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Compleat Pediatric Tube Feeding Formula 24 Pack - 8.45 oz x 24 Pack

Compleat Pediatric formula is a medical food, ready to use blenderized tube feeding containing meat, vegetables and fruit, specifically formulated for the management of malnutrition and other medical conditions with increased nutritional needs that cannot be met through diet modification alone. 900mL contains 900 Calories and meets or exceeds 100% of the NAS/NRC RDA for protein and essential vitamins and minerals (DRI for Vitamin D) for children 1-10 years
Caloric Distribution: protein, 15%; fat 35%; carbohydrate, 50%.
Water Content: 205/ml-250mL. Osmolality: 380 mOsm/kg water.
Pediatrician Approved*
The Real Food tube feeding formula
A blenderized formula made with traditional foods for patients with intolerance to other formulas
Provides nutrients found only in real food; now with chicken, peas, green beans, peaches, and cranberry juice
Contains Benefiber? soluble fiber to help promote normal bowel function
Lactose Free
Rich in calcium to help grow strong bones

Tube Feeding Administration: Use under medical supervision. For optimal results, administer at room temperature. Shake well before using. Pour directly into tube feeding container. Compleat Pediatric formula is a commercially sterile product. Follow clean handling techniques to avoid contamination during preparation and use. Adjust flow rate to patient's condition and tolerance. Provide additional water to meet fluid requirements.
Storage: Unopened cans may be stored at room temperature. Avoid freezing or storage at high temperatures. Once opened, cover and refrigerate, discard unused formula within 24 hours.

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