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SKU: CD3435542
UPC: 038341104491

Colgate Phos-Flur Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Cool Mint - 16 oz

Anti-Cavity Rinse

Aids in the prevention of dental decay. Phos-Flur is an ideal mouthrinse to help protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment. Contains fluoride to help prevent decalcification and phosphate to help build strong teeth. Rinsing daily allows the enamel-strengthening formula to penetrate your teeth where a toothbrush and flossing cannot easily reach - even around your braces. Clinically proven to help prevent cavities, and it also helps prevent white spots. No. 1 recommended fluoride rinse among Orthodontists, the experts on proper care for braces. Poor oral hygiene allows plaque to buildup under and around your braces. The bacteria in the plaque can weaken your teeth causing cavities and white spots that may permanently remain on your teeth even after braces are removed.

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