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Cleo by Damiva 100% Natural Labial Skin Moisturizer 1 oz

Cleo by Damiva 100% Natural Labial Skin Moisturizer?ÿ

Cleo is 100% natural, optimally pH balanced and the first product designed to moisturize in that oh-so-delicate area, and make you smile again. Cleo is an all-natural, plant cream that is applied manually to your labial skin to moisten them. Formulated to help your labial skin retain its optimal pH of 4.7. Cleo can be used at any age and it's designed especially for women after birth control, child-birth, hysterectomy, polycystic ovarian disease, cancer and menopause?. Recommended by cancer clinics, obstetricians, gynecologists, menopause practitioners, oncologists and physiotherapists across North America?.

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