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SKU: CD4252946
UPC: 794503430050

ClearEars Water Absorbing Ear Plugs - 5 ea

World's first. Revolutionary design, draws in & holds water. Helps prevent ear discomfort. Alcohol free. Dries & relieves. Contains 5 pair & water resistant carry case. Works in minutes. Use anywhere, anytime. Absorbs trapped ear-water. Clears water from ears due to swimming, bathing & showering. Safe for adults & kids. Soft comfort foam. Universal fit. Earth friendly! Don't throw ClearEars away, use them! ClearEars are made from a material that's safe and nontoxic to both people and plants. After you're finished with them, ClearEars can be cut-up and added to the soil for your house plants to help retain valuable moisture. Your plants will love them too!

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