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Cara Compression Ice Bag With Wrap Strap 30" x 5" wrap; 19" ice bag

- Includes ice bag and wrap.
- Ideal for ankles, knees, elbows, and thighs.
- Cold therapy compression system.
- Helps reduce swelling and promote healing.
- Adjustable for graduated compression.
- Neoprene wrap with hook & loop closure.
- If swelling is present immediately after a minor injury has occurred, apply cold therapy.
- Cold therapy aids in slowing circulation and metabolism to the injured area.
- The swelling that typically occurs is a result of the pooling of blood around the injury due to the trauma delivered to the cells and tissues.
- By applying cold therapy as soon as possible, you reduce the blood flow and swelling.
- This will mean less muscle spasm and less pain.
- Another essential part of cold therapy is compression.
- Compression is the practice of wrapping or bandaging the injured area of the body to give added support.

A simple rule to follow for cold therapy is the R.I.C.E. rule:
- Rest - Stay off the injury.
- Ice - Apply cold therapy.
- Compression - Use a support wrap or plastic bandage.
- Elevation - Keep injury in a raised position.

Package Contains:
- Ice Bag - 9 inch
- Wrap - 30 x 5 inch
Made in Taiwan.

Cold Therapy Should be Applied as Follows:
- On for 20 minutes, off for 2 hours and repeat.
- Rinse ice cubes first before placing in bag to prevent sharp edges. Fill ice bag 3/4 full with cubes or crushed ice. Twist cap on tightly.
- Place the head of the ice bag through the stand alone opening of the wrap.
- Place the ice bag on the area to be treated and complete the wrapping procedure. Choose one of three - 3 - openings that provides the most comfortable level of compression. Place the head of the ice bag through this opening.
- Using the hook and loop fastener, adhere the end to the wrap for a secure fit.
- Care/Storage:
- To clean wrap, wash gently with mild soap and air-dry. Drain ice bag and air-dry before replacing cap.

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