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Calmoseptine Ointment Foil Packets 144x0.125oz (144x3.5gm)

Provides a physical moisture barrier to prevent or protect any area of the body from urine, feces, or moisture.
Has a shrinking or drying effect on moist skin, also decreasing perspiration in moist areas.
Stimulates the nerve endings, thus temporarily relieves discomfort and itching from rashes or caustic waste materials.
Incontinence of urine or feces, feeding tube leakage, fecal or vaginal fistulas, skin surrounding draining wounds, diaper rash, perspiration.
Mild antiseptic
Cleanse the skin prior to application with mild skin cleanser or water. Pat dry or allow to air dry.
Apply a thin layer 2-4 times daily to affected area or as necessary to promote comfort and protection.
Calmoseptine can be applied to intact or irritated skin around an ostomy site, however, use only a small amount and rub it in completely. Hold barrier under the pouch in place for about one minute. This will increase adhesion of standard adhesive. Pouches with a clear adhesion, such as Cymed, will not stick to peristomal skin when Calmoseptine Ointment is applied.
For use on reddened skin from incontinence
Gently clean the skin with a mild skin cleanser and / or water.
Rinse with clean water (unless using a no-rinse cleanser).
Pat the area dry with a clean towel.
Apply a small amount of Calmoseptine Ointment to cover the area completely.
Repeat after each bowel movement or when skin becomes wet with urine or drainage.
For use on open wet skin from incontinence
Gently clean the skin with Normal Saline or wound cleanser.
Pat the area dry with a clean towel.
Apply a thin layer of Calmoseptine Ointment to the whole area. If there are areas that are very weepy, the Calmoseptine Ointment may not stick.
Apply a light dusting of stoma powder (Convatec or Hollister) to red, weepy area. Blow or gently dust away the excess powder.
Gently place a layer of Calmoseptine Ointment over the powdered area.
Apply another light coating of the powder over the Calmoseptine Ointment.
Repeat after each bowel movement or when skin becomes wet with urine or drainage.
Proper removal techniques to prevent dermal injury
Incontinent cleansers with a surfactant work well to remove Calmoseptine Ointment. A few are listed below:
Peri Wash II-Sween/Coloplast
Elta Cleanse Foam-Swiss America
Aloe Vesta Perineal Wash-Convatec/Calgon Vestal
Carrington Foam
Hygiene I Foam-Bard
Proshield Foam and Spray-Healthpoint
Restore-Hollister (mineral oil or baby oil also easily remove Calmoseptine)
Wound Cleansers such as Biolex or Cara-Clens

It is not necessary to remove all of the Calmoseptine if soiling occurs. Cleanse soiled area and reapply the Calmoseptine and powder as mentioned above when necessary. When the skin has healed and incontinent episodes or drainage has stopped, you may completely remove Calmoseptine gradually from skin by wiping gently with a clean cloth and mineral oil.
Calmoseptine also offers exceptional protection around gastrostomy tube sites or suprapubic catheter sites that leak. Usually application twice daily is all that is needed after cleansing. Apply a small dressing over the area and secure with tape. Be sure to notify the proper physician or ER nurse when there is leakage.
Calmoseptine can also be used to protect peri-wound skin from drainage or the wound products, which drip out on the surrounding skin. Simply apply a thin layer to peri-wound skin at each dressing change.
For use on reddened area in fatty folds of obese patient. Apply a small amount of Calmoseptine Ointment and GENTLY RUB IN COMPLETELY once daily at bath time. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly before applying.