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SKU: CD4449682
UPC: 612831022214

Bump Patrol Aftershave Razor Bump Treatment, Max Strength - 2 oz

Get smoother faster - Results after the first shave - Maximum strength

Dermatologist recommended aftershave treatment
Heals & prevents razor bumps & burn
Works great for bald heads & fades

Put your best face forward.
You have in your hands the fastest acting bump patrol formula It's the ultimate secret weapon guys use to get rid of stubborn, painful razor burn. But you're thinking:Does this stuff really work faster:You bet. It has added penetration boosters to het to the problem quicker, so you'll see results after the first shave, Guaranteed.
But will it dry out my skin?
Not at all. We've added moisturizers so you don't have to.
What if I use clippers or an electric razor?
Go ahead. Use whatever you like. Bump patrol works with all shaving methods.
Is it easy to use?
Absolutely. Smooth it on after every shave and your bumps will be history.
For more information and helpful shaving tips call (800) 867-4797 in the US or 0-(800) 783-9706 in the UK;
Made in the USA

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