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SKU: CD5702907
UPC: 041679933367

Boost Plus Energy Drink Liquid Strawberry - 4x6x8oz

Stay Strong! Stay Active!
Complete Nutritional Drink with 360 Calories to Help You Stay Strong & Active!
Benefits from Nestle Nutrition

Nutritionist View:
Research shows that unintentional weight loss in older adults could interfere with physical abilities and is associated worth increased health risks. BOOST PLUS? drink has 1.5 times? the calories of BOOST Original drink and 14g of high-quality protein. Increased calorie and protein intake may help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Prebio1 Blend of Fibers to Support Digestive Health
- 360 Calories to Help Achieve & Maintain a Healthy Weight
- 14g of High-Quality to Help Maintain Muscle
- 26 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
- Gluten Free.
- Lactose Free

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