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Boogie Wipes Saline Flex Pack Nose Wipes Fresh Scent 45 ct

Theyƒ??re itchy, runny, sneezy, stuffy, red, often crusty, and looking for
relief. During cold and flu season, kidsƒ?? noses couldnƒ??t look or feel
worse. But with Boogie Wipes, kids have a better way to blow. Boogie
Wipes are made with a patented natural and sterile saline formula, which
dissolves kidsƒ?? dried boogers, and provides relief from congestion and
cold symptoms. Recommended by parents and pediatricians alike, Boogie
Wipes are a gentle, easy alternative to dry tissues and saline drops,
and can soothe even the most tender noses. Since they are made with
natural saline, these wipes are great for all ages, from congested
infants and newborns to stuffy toddlers. Saline is naturally occurring
in the earth and body, and pediatricians regularly recommend its use for
breaking up and clearing out snot, so you can rest assured your baby's
cold or congestion symptoms will be relieved.

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