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SKU: CD4916904
UPC: 184369000106

BleedCEASE First Aid for Cuts and Nosebleeds Sterile Packings 25 ea

It's Fast & Easy
Stop Bleeding!
Doctor Recommended
Stops Bleeding Fast
Painless, Non-Irritation
Non-Stick Removal & No Rebleeds
All-Natural Formulation
For Use by All Ages
No Side Effects
No Contraindications with Other Medications
Majority of Wounds Treated with Just One BleedCease Packing
Quickly Return to Activities

BleedCease is Calcium Alginate - a natural biopolymer. Calcium, a coagulant, is immediately released upon contact with blood, accelerating clotting. Calcium continues to be released until bleeding has ceased. BleedCease is transformed into a moist mass for easy removal without sticking to or tearing new clots - no rebleeds. BleedCease can absorb up to 20x its weight in blood.
Ideal for bleeding as a result of: Everyday cuts and scrapes, Nosebleeds, Shaving cuts, Chronic conditions, Puncture wounds, Lacerations, Sports injuries, Taking blood thinners.
A critical first aid item for: Every household, Athletic trainers, Fire, Police, Ambulance & EMTs, School nurses, Health offices & Infirmaries, Home healthcare professionals, Senior living facilities and Nursing homes, Urgent care & Emergency rooms, Company health offices & First-aid kits.

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