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Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips - 10 ea

  • A healthy cardiovascular system
  • Patented saliva test strips show Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in seconds

A Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery that Nitric Oxide (NO) plays a significant role in the cardiovascular system. NO is naturally made in your body, but as you age you produce less of it. Berkeley Life helps support NO levels for heart health by supplementing your diet with dietary nitrates. The patented Berkeley Test Strips are a non-invasive saliva test that shows your NO levels. A diet rich in vegetables with high nitrate levels is best (see for more information) or try the Berkeley Life Supplements. They provide the dietary nitrates found in plants, as well as key vitamins, to help support NO levels, cardiovascular health and overall health and vitality.


You can test at any time during the day to check your NO levels. Ensure you have not consumed anything 10 minutes prior to testing. Allow a minimum of 1 hour after your nitrate high meal or supplement before testing.

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