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Benefiber Healthy Shape Powder, Unflavored, 33 Servings 8.7 oz

Benefiber Healthy Shape Powder, Unflavored, 33 Servings 8.7 oz
When you're watching your weight, both a healthy diet and exercise are important. But, hunger cravings can strike without notice. In those moments, unhealthy snacks can be extra tempting, but giving in and compromising your goals is not an option. Now there's Benefiber Healthy Shape Fiber Supplement 33 servings 8.7 oz, a great way to help curb hunger so you can focus on meeting your goals. When used regularly, Benefiber Healthy Shape helps your body feel satisfied longer naturally, taking the edge off your hunger. It is 100% natural fiber that is taste free and non-thickening so you can add it to virtually anything. Add Benefiber Healthy Shape Natural Dietary Fiber Supplement Taste Free Dissolvable Powder to beverages, bottled water, or simply incorporate it into your favorite foods or recipes to take your shape management routine to the next level.

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