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Barbasol Beard Buster Shaving Cream Sensitive Skin - 10oz

Tough Time for Toughest of Beards

The toughest of beards pose no match for Barbasol Shave Cream. A shaving cream enriched with lush, natural ingredients and designed to give a close and comfortable clean shave.

Close shave without irritation
High quality ingredients
Protects and soothes
Lubricates toughest beards

Loaded with natural ingredients, this shaving cream simply glides on your skin to give you smooth, hassle-free shaves. It works up a rich lather and lubricates the beard enormously.

Just For You: All skin types, especially sensitive skin

A Closer Look: Barbasol Shave Cream doesn't contain aerosol. A blend of water, stearic acid, mineral oil and boric acid among a host of other ingredients, it's apt for sensitive skin too. Stearic acid marks the consistency of the shaving cream, mineral oil acts as a lubricant and boric acid acts as an antiseptic.

Made in USA

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