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SKU: C5006010
UPC: 381371161447

Band-Aid Waterproof Gauze Pad Large 6 ea

QUILTVENT Technology
100% Waterproof & Germproof
Stays on Even Through Showering
Non-stick Pad
Locks in Ointment
Wicks Away Fluid to Keep Wounds Clean

Designed for Better Protection
100% waterproof to keep larger cuts, scrapes and minor surgical incisions dry, even through showering. Four walls of adhesive prevent dirt and germs from coming into contact with your skin while keeping the non-stick pad dry. QUILTVENT Technology wicks away blood and fluid to keep wounds clean.
Exclusive Access to Johnson & Johnson Wound Care Resource
The App provides a series of tools to make wound care easier. Includes: Tips for getting started, sign signs of wound infection, a wound diary.
Made in China

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