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SKU: CD5071055
UPC: 381371164134

Band-Aid Shower Care Bandage Protector, Medium 4 ea

Ideal for Keeping Your Bandage Dry, While You Shower
#1 Doctor Recommended Brand
100% Shower Proof*
Designed to Block Out Water & Germs in the Shower
Covers Existing Bandage
100% Shower proof to keep your bandage dry.* Four sided seal helps keep water, dirt and germs out in the shower. Clear shield protector allows bandage to be visible. Completely covers bandage or gauze. Not made with natural rubber latex.
Care to Recycle
4 Medium Bandages ~ 4.00 in x 5.00 in (10.1 cm x 12.7 cm) Each
Questions? 1-800-526-3967
*In lab tests.

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