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SKU: C5006176
UPC: 381371161539

Band-Aid Paper Tape Small 1 ea

Ideal for Frequent Dressings Changes
Painless Removal
Dura-Weave Technology: Specially Woven for Exceptional Strength & Durability
Scissor-Free Technology: Tears Easily by Hand

Johnson & Johnson BAND-AID Brand of First Aid Products Paper Tape, firmly secures bandages to your wound, providing long-lasting protection. It is strong, durable and breathable. Johnson & Johnson BAND-AID Brand of First Aid Products Tapes and Wraps come in a variety of adhesion levels. Choose the one that is right for you.
Exclusive Access to Johnson & Johnson Wound Care Resource
The App provides a series of tools to make wound care easier. Includes: Tips for getting started, sign signs of wound infection, a wound diary.
Not made with natural rubber latex.
Made in Brazil

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