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SKU: C5006044
UPC: 381371161249

Band-Aid First Aid Gauze Pads Small 25 ea

Anti-Leak Core Helps Absorb Fluids in 1 Second
Hospital Grade
Quick-Loc Technology
Steri-Ban Medical Sterilization

A Covered Wound Heals Faster than an Uncovered One
Ideal for minor cuts, scrapes and burns because they're extra thick and absorbent, and have a low-lint design to help prevent irritation. Each Pad contains 16 layers of pillow-soft cushioning that helps to provide extra comfort when cleaning dirt and contaminants from the injured area, and may help protect from re-injury. They are the only Gauze Pads to offer Quick-Loc Technology with an anti-leak core that instantly absorbs and pulls fluids away from the wound.
Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand Hospital Grade Gauze products provide comparable to or better absorbency than the leading hospital brand gauze.
Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand Gauze Pads are made from a Rayon, Polyester, Cellulose blend.
Made in China

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