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SKU: CD4343588
UPC: 079656050806

Banana Boat Sport Continuous Spray UVA/UVB SPF 110 - 6oz

Clear UltraMist
High UVA. Protects against 99% of burning rays.

Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven

Banana Boat UltraMist Sport Performance Sunscreen SPF 110 delivers our highest level of spray protection for any sport activity. This formula protects skin from sunburn and long-term skin damage by providing advanced UVA/UVB protection. It goes on easily and is proven to be long-lasting and very water/sweat resistant, with no greasy feel. Just spray and go!

? Non-Greasy
? Very Water Resistant
? Won't Run Into Eyes
? Long Lasting
? Easy Twist & Lock Cap

Rub Free Fast & Easy Coverage Quick-Drying

Recommended effective sunscreen by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Made in USA

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