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Balneol Hygienic Perianal Cleansing Lotion 3 oz.

* Soothing relief for men and women.
* Use as often as needed.
* Doctor recommended for over 30 years.
* Balneol gently, yet thoroughly cleanses and soothes the anal and/or vaginal areas.
* Keep a bottle handy in every bathroom.
* Balneol is for the hygienic cleansing of irritated anal and external vaginal areas.
* Balneol does not thin the skin so you can use it as often as you need it, for as long as you like.
* Balneol does not sting irritated skin.
* Keep a bottle handy in every bathroom for those times when you need a gentle cleansing lotion.
* Thorough - Cleansing of fecal residues or discharge without water.
* Soothing - Deposits a protective coating to the sore and irritated areas of the skin.
* Gentle - A silky lotion that allows cleansing without the tugging or pulling you may experience with dry toilet paper.
* Refreshing - Restores skin to its normal pH.
* Soothes Vaginal Itching - Use it as often as needed for as long as you like.
* Use Balneol During Pregnancy:
o During pregnancy the weight of the baby can put pressure on your intestines which can cause hemorrhoids.
o Also the extra hormones in your body can cause vaginal discharge.
o Balneol can help to keep you fresh and more comfortable during this special time in your life.
o It is gentle enough for a baby's skin, so it's perfect to use during and after your pregnancy.
o You can even use Balneol to cleanse your baby's bottom.
* Some women experience discomfort after vaginal deliveries, especially when an episiotomy is done.
* Balneol can help soothe burning or soreness as the vaginal tissue heals.
* Use Balneol During Bouts of Diarrhea:
o Having the stomach flu or a health condition which causes frequent trips to the bathroom is difficult enough.
o Use Balneol during these times to keep irritation of the anal area to a minimum.
o The protective coating deposited on the affected area may help keep the skin calm and soothed between trips to the bathroom.
o Keep a bottle handy in every bathroom.
o Use Balneol as often as needed for as long as you like.