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B Total Liquid Energy B-Complex with Extra B12 - 2 oz

Sublingual B Total Liquid Energy is a B-Complex vitamin that is easy to take and with the same dosage of B-12 injections. The B-vitamins are known as energy boosters; they turn the food you eat into ENERGY by converting carbohydrates into glucose. Taking the B-Total Solution helps combat the effects of stress. When deficient, your body will take B-vitamins from your nervous system. The stress of daily living takes a toll on our nerves, glands and hormones and may increase the need for B-vitamins.

Vitamin B-12 deficiency may be underestimated in the general population. Along with the elderly and vegetarians, high risk groups include those with immune deficiencies, absorption problems or suffering from alcoholism or dementia. Studies have linked B-12 deficiency to abnormalities in immune response and neurological function.

BENEFITS: Increased energy, coenzymes for essential bodily functions, anti-anxiety stress relief, immune system support.

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