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SKU: CD5095492
UPC: 381371163069

Aveeno Ultra Calming Nourishing Night Cream 1.7 oz

Calming FeverFew + Nourishing Oat
Calms & Soothes Irritated, Dry or Sensitive Skin
Fragrance Free
Captures the naturally soothing benefits of Feverfew, an ingredient related to Chamomile. For centuries, Feverfew has been recognized for its unique health benefits, including calming and soothing irritated skin. Scientists have harnessed these unique benefits in formulas that help rebalance irritated or sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be unbalanced, leading to irritation and redness. This night cream works through the night actively managing sensitive skin and is shown to: Help soothe the appearance of red and irritates, dry skin in just 1 week; help restore skins protective moisture barrier overnight; two of nature's most effective and clinically proven ingredients for sensitive skin, this daily moisturizer leaves your sensitive skin feeling soothed and nourished to help reveal your natural beauty.

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