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SKU: CD3666385
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Attends Light Pads Extra Absorbency Bladder Control 10.5'' Pads 180

ALL PaperPak products are Latex Free

Light Protection. Bladder Control Pads available in 2 absorbency levels. Soft absorbent core with polymer absorbs fluid quickly and helps prevent odor. Leg gathers and contoured shape provide superior fit and comfort. Cloth-like outer cover is soft and discreet. Adhesive peel strip keeps pad firmly in place. Individually wrapped. Now in discreet outer cases.

* Size: 10.5 Inch length
* Quantity: 180/case, 9 bags of 20

PaperPak is a trusted provider for adult incontinence products in nursing homes, hospitals, and homes worldwide. Our Attends briefs, pull-ons, pads, undergarments, underpads, and washcloths provide superior dryness, healthier skin, odor control, and comfort. Only Attends brand briefs and pads contain the unique Perma-Dry technology that actually lowers the pH of urine to that consistent with skin's natural pH, creating the healthiest, driest, and most odor-free skin environment. All PaperPak products are Latex Free and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Only Attends has the technology that we call Perma-Dry. These unique fibers, located in the core of our product, are the key to delivering SDO Skin wellness, Dryness and Odor control. Attends Perma-Dry fibers provide three beneficial effects to achieve SDO: 1) They stabilize the pH of urine in the range of 4.0 to 5.0, which retards the growth of bacteria, reducing skin irritation and infection and maintaining skin wellness, 2) The unique design of the core provides increased resiliency and continues to function even after multiple voids for maximum dryness, and 3) Reducing the pH of the urine also reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria and ammonia for odor control.

Other manufacturers attempt to achieve pH reduction through the use of absorbent polymers (SAP, AGM) that claim they reduce urine pH levels. These products do have the ability to reduce pH of urine somewhat, but NOT to the same degree that Attends with Perma-Dry fibers do. ONLY Attends reduces urine pH to levels that are consistent with the pH level of skin.

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