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at home DRUG TEST - Meth / Ecstasy Test

at home DRUG TEST - Meth / Ecstasy Test

is a parent administered drug screening test for use in the privacy of their own home. Extremely accurate, the phamatech at home drug test is the first rapid drug test kit cleared by the FDA for home use. One of our top selling tests.Drug test is packaged in non-descript shipping box before being sent to the customer. Urine based test is easy to use, detecting amphetamine, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and opiates.

  • Drug Test.
  • Home-administered kit.
  • A parenting tool for random screening.
  • FDA cleared (Food & Drug Administration).
  • Extremely accurate.
  • Detects Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine and Opiates.
  • Urine based test.
  • Easy to use, simple one-step procedure.
  • Easy to read results.
  • Test results in minutes, not days.
  • All materials needed to mail sample to laboratory if screening detects drugs.
  • Confidential and anonymous results and referrals.
The rapid drug-screening device resembles a credit card in size and shape; you dip it into the urine sample and read the results in 10 minutes. Negative results indicate that none of the targeted drugs were detected in the urine sample. Inconclusive results indicate that the device reacted with something in the urine and confirmation testing is required.
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