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UPC: 011509206329

Aqua Velva After Shave Cologne, Musk 3.5 oz

After Shave for "When A Man Likes To Smell Like A Man"
Cooling Sensation Refreshes Skin
Shatterproof Bottle
Nourishes the Skin
With Aqua Velva Musk After Shave is a modern reinvention of a classic American fragrance, favored by men on the go. It keeps you fragrant all day long and comes in a shatter proof bottle.This classic American after shave firms and tones masculine skin. So, get ready to impress with this distinct fragrance. Aqua Velva comes in a classic, shatter proof bottle.
Aqua Velva gives you a fresh feel and the fragrance makes you cool and confident to begin a new day. Aqua Velva, known as America's first after shave, has been helping soothe, cool and refresh a man's skin since 1917. Handed down through generations, Aqua Velva is part of the longstanding ritual of a father teaching his son about the ritual of shaving and after shaving. Masculine, refreshing scent that soothe's a man's skin. Soothing after shave.
You Won't Find: Harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances
Get Started: Apply a little on the shaved areas of the face and rub in mildly.
Made in USA

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