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SKU: CD3038429
UPC: 025715697550

Apothecary Eazy Care Medi-Scope, Magnifying Light - 1 kit

Check for Earwax Buildup!
This kit contains 7 pieces:Penlight
Magnifying head piece
Oral mirror
Infant tongue depressor
Adult tongue depressor
Ear speculum
Nose speculum

The Medi-Scope was designed for home use to easily inspect eyes, ears, nose, and throat to provide better information to your doctor on family illnesses and progress after treatment. The Medi-Scope is designed to deliver extra bright, pre-focused high intensity light, which when used with the magnifying head piece and attachments, can expose problems in the mouth, eyes, ears, nose, or throat. Reporting this information to your doctor can result in prompt medical treatment.
The Medi-Scope is not intended to replace the work and expertise of your doctor, but rather to work with your doctor for better and quicker response to signs of problems.
Batteries not included.

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