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SKU: CD2723906
UPC: 076855710135

Apex Eyeglass Repair Kit 1 each




Apex Eyeglass Repair Kit use for quick repair of reading glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses.

Eyeglass repair kit contains :
- Screwdriver.
- Assortment of screws to fit most foreign And domestic frames.
- Storage pouch.
- Magnifier and screw guide.

- Select the screw diameter that appears to be the correct size.
- Insert screwdriver tip into screw guide and hinge screw into the other end.
- Make sure the leaves of the hinge are properly engaged.
- Insert screw and tighten.
- Do not force.
- If screw does not tighten easily then try a different screw.

- Forcing an incorrect size screw may damage hinge threads.
- If the enclosed hinge screws do not fit your glasses, see your local optician.
- He or she will be happy to provide you with extra screws which you can store in the screwdriver handle.
- Screwdriver tip may be sharpened with a file or whetstone if it becomes dull.

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