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Airborne Pink Grapefruit Dietary Supplement - 10 each

* Dietary supplement
* For Use In:
o Airplanes
o Offices
o Schools
o Restaurants
o Health Clubs
o Theaters
* No. 1 Best seller in the USA
* The original immune-boosting tablet
* Take Airborne Effervescent Health Formula
o Take Airborne to boost your immune system
o A healthy immune system helps your body fight germs
o Take before entering crowed environments, like airplanes, offices and schools
* Airborne was developed by a school teacher to boost her immune system, so that it could help her body fight against germs that abound in the classroom
* Airborne's unique natural formula contains 17 herbs and nutrients, including ginger for nausea
* No artificial color, flavors or preservatives
* Effervescent Technology offers 100% immediate absorption
* Seven herbal extracts
* Antioxidants
* Electrolytes
* Amino acids
* 1,000 mg of vitamin C
* Tastes great
* 10 tablets per tube
* Airborne is proud of the fact that we import no powdered herbs
* To ensure safety, purity and potency, we do our herbal extracting in America using whole plant material
* Made in USA
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease