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SKU: CD4079646
UPC: 385542649017

AgaMatrix, powered by WaveSense Presto, System Kit with Meter - 1 kit

Blood Glucose Monitoring System
High Accuracy Results
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As Fast as 1-2-3**
Small Sample Size
Large, Blacklit Display
Non-slip Rubber Grips
Alternate Site Testing
Test Strip Fill Confirmation Window

Successful diabetes management starts with accurate numbers. WaveSense is a new technology that personalizes each test to provide world class accuracy. It detects and corrects for many errors caused by differences in blood samples and environmental conditions.

Blood Sample Variations: Every person's blood is different
Environmental Conditions: Temperature and humidity can lead to less accurate results
Manufacturing Variations: No two test strips are alike

Starter Kit System Contents:Blood Glucose Meter
Two, 3-volt, Lithium Batteries, Preinstalled
1 Vial of 10 Test Strips
Compact Carrying Case
Lancing Device
Clear AST Lancing Device Cap
10 Lancets (33 Gauge)
Control Solution
Owner's Guide

For Self-Testing
**In some conditions, test may take as long as 12 seconds
Made in China
Customer Service:+1 (866_ 906 4197

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