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SKU: C3327558
UPC: 051131203792

Ace Elasto-Preene Knee Small/Medium

Use For: Arthritis, general soreness, swelling
You're not going to let pain get you down, and neither are we. ACE’??ƒ?§ Elasto-Preene’??ƒ?§ Knee Supports combine superior knee stabilization with the benefits of heat retention. No more sitting on the sidelines.

Features and Benefits:
’??ƒ?§Elasto-preene’??ƒ?§ is an innovative combination of elastic and neoprene blend materials
’??ƒ?§Soft, neoprene-blend panel stitched around the knee joint provides heat retention for soothing warmth
’??ƒ?§Finished reinforced edges provide comfort and prevent rolling and slipping
’??ƒ?§Breathable elastic material releases moisture