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2nd Skin Blister Pads 5 Each

Advanced first aid.
Blister Pads
1. A blister may be left unpunctured - healing will progress better this way. If a blister must be punctured for reasons of comfort, use a sterile needle. 2. Clean and dry the affected area. 3. Remove the large release liner from the product, exposing the adhesive side. 4. Without touching the center of the pad, apply to the affected area, and smooth it over using a rolling motion. Remove the small release liner. 5. When pad loosens itself over time, remove gently by pulling away from the skin. The pad should not be left on longer than five (5) days without changing. 6. Reapply a fresh pad and continue application until the blister is healed. 7. The product may also be used for cushioning to prevent blisters from occurring.
A hydrocolloid pad bordered by a thin film helps keep blisters from drying out, absorbs perspiration and helps promote a scab free, naturally healed blister. Sterile pads measure 60 mm x 38 mm.
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