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21st Century Ginkgo Biloba Extract Veg-caps - 200 ct

Ginkgo Biloba for brain health is part of many people's daily supplementation routine. According to many studies conducted around the world, Ginkgo Biloba extract supports the natural blood flow of oxygen to the brain, which helps your body maintain this vital organ. More specifically, the studies have focused on Ginkgo's natural ability to promote memory and concentration functions within the brain. 21st Century's standardized Ginkgo Biloba herbal extract is thoroughly tested to assure specific levels of the important ingredients are present for maximum benefit. If memory and brain support are what you need, you can trust 21st Century Ginkgo Biloba.

- It is a memory and brain support supplement.
- It is rich in Ginkgolides A & B.
- It is an antioxidant.

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