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SKU: CD4230322
UPC: 371401894162

Wellesse Vitamin D3 1000U Liquid Berry LC/F - 16oz

Vitamin D 1000U Liqd
Package Size:480
Mfr: Botanical Laboratories
Mfr Item#: ST1894NS

Wellesse Vitamin D3 is like liquid sunshine in a bottle. It's a great tasting dietary supplement, in a fast acting liquid formulation that's easy for the whole family to enjoy. Vitamin D3 is the preferable form of Vitamin D.It helps to proactively support a healthy immune system by aiding the body's natural defenses and is vital to bone, teeth, breast and colon health. Vitamin D may be helpful for the whole family, especially those with limited sun exposure or dark skin, as well as older adults. Research has shown that nutrients from liquid sources can be more easily absorbed than from solids. Wellesse Vitamin D3 liquid is the natural choice for the whole family.
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