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SKU: C1174606
UPC: 051131201125

Futuro Ultra Sheer Mid Knee High Mild Compression 8-15mm/Hg Beige Medium

This product's medically proven graduated compression knitting technology energizes your legs and helps relieve discomfort from tired, aching legs, varicose veins, and slight ankle swelling. Ideal for everyday, especially when you are standing or sitting for long periods, walking or traveling.

You will feel invigorated as our graduated compression technology applies the right amount of pressure to your legs where they need it most, encouraging healthier blood flow and increasing circulation. It's like a gentle massage all day long.

It is designed using fine European materials and three-dimensional knitting, you will experience outstanding comfort and fit. It is reliable, soothing support allows you to stay active with confidence and do the things you want to do with pleasure and ease.

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