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VCF Vaginal Dissolving Contraceptive Films Single Sealed Films - 9 ea

CF - Vaginal Contraceptive Film is a semi-transparent square of soluble film which incorporates a highly efficient and safe material that kills sperm on contact.

The semi-transparent film: The film is made of soluble material, a material that dissolves when it comes in contact with bodily fluids inside the vagina.

The Contraceptive Film is manually inserted high into the vagina and dissolves in the normal vaginal fluids. Once dissolved it creates a gel coating which contains a highly efficient spermicide that kills sperm on contact for up to 3 hours. VCF reaches it’???s maximum protection after 15 minutes and stays active for up to 3 hours after insertion. Insertion is quite easy and can be accomplished by either the woman or her partner. Once dissolved it becomes unnoticeable by either partner and allows for the uninterrupted and natural way of lovemaking.

Because VCF becomes a gel it doesn't become runny or messy. It won’???t stain. Over time the dissolved gel gets washed away with the natural body fluids, there’???s nothing to remove or dispose of.

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