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SKU: C4247391
UPC: 334362000089

Gynol II Jelly Extra Strength 2.85 oz

Ortho Options offers women a full-range of easy-to-use contraceptive product forms that are highly effective, safe, and non-hormonal. Ortho Options Gynol II Extra Strength Contraceptive Jelly is clear, unscented, water-soluble, and greaseless. It is mildly lubricating and non-staining. Each applicatorful contains 150 mg of Nonoxynol-9, which provides effective protection when used with a diaphragm or a condom. A diaphragm alone is not effective protection against pregnancy. Ortho Options Gynol II Extra Strength Contraceptive Jelly also provides effective protection against pregnancy when used by itself although use with a diaphragm may provide extra protection. An additional application is necessary if repeated intercourse takes place or if intercourse occurs more than six hours after insertion.

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