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SKU: CD4802443
UPC: 817371011616

Kespon Guard Your ID Advanced Roller Stamp, Green - 5 ea

The Kespon Guard Your ID Roller Advanced has a unique pattern designed to obscure the text underneath it. In a single stroke, you can glide the roller over all of the text you want masked, even on curved surfaces like prescription bottles, package labels, etc.
- Specially formulated ink allows the Kespon Advanced Roller to be used on glossy paper or labels
- The small size of the roller fits comfortably in your hand and allows for convenient storage and travel
- The tightly sealed security cap prevents drying out and accidental inking when not in use
- Roller width is 1/2 inch making it perfect for small type
- Safely recycle magazines and catalogs knowing that your address and personal information is concealed.

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