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SKU: CD5234653
UPC: 098193000204

Bag Balm On-The-Go Skin Moisturizer 0.25 oz

Bag Balm is the ultimate skin care solution. Whether your skin is dry, chapped, cracked, calloused, or just rough, Bag Balm will moisturize, soften and help heal any skin problem you have. Born on a Vermont dairy farm in 1899, Bag Balm has been the farmers friend, helping to protect their skin from becoming chapped from the harsh winter climate and the hard work on the farm. There is nothing like the original udder balm, and that's what you get when you buy the familiar green tin. Bag Balm Works Wonders.Only Four Simple Ingredients to Moisturize and Soften SkinTried and True Formula, it Has Stood the Test of TimeMost Versatile Skin Care Product Available, Helps Heal and Soothe Whatever Skin Condition You ExperienceUse on Dry, Irritated Skin That Can Crack, Split, or Chafe. You Can Feel its Effect Immediately, and it LastsBag Balm Brings Back Warm Childhood Memories, it Still Works the Way it Always Has. Made in Vermont, USA

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