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Lantiseptic Dry Skin Therpy - 4 oz.

Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream

Superior emolliency and moisturizing qualities make Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream highly effective in protecting and maintaining vulnerable diabetic skin. It has proven to be extremely effective on:
- Cracked heels and fissures on feet
- Dry, cracked, reddened skin on hands and feet
- Other delicate skin areas

High level of purified, natural lanolin makes Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream uniquely suited to the maintenance and protection of vulnerable diabetic skin. With regular use, it can dramatically affect the quality of care for diabetic patients, helping to maintain skin integrity, encourage the skin?s proper moisture balance and support the body?s natural healing process.

Use Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream:

To help keep the thickened skin of foot calluses from becoming hard and brittle ? Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream helps keep skin pliable, warding off cracking, bleeding and infection.
To improve dry, cracked skin ? While nutrition is an essential factor in the care of diabetic patients, Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream can help deal with the extreme skin dryness that is ubiquitous among diabetic patients.

To heal reddened, ulcer-prone areas ? Reddened skin often clears overnight when treated with Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream. Its gentle emollient action helps resolve the problem quickly and safely.

To prevent skin breakdown ? Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream is gentle to skin on the verge of breakdown ? including denuded skin, which requires the gentlest of care.

As a moisture barrier ? An excellent moisture barrier against the effects of fecal and urinary incontinence. A superior hand cream for frequently washed hands. Especially useful for delicate and fragile skin.